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During UN 16 days of Violence, MARTA Centre organizes multiple events for professionals and the general public


From 25th of November to 10th of December 2017

As every year, starting on 25th of November 2017 – the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the UN 16-day long Activism Against Gender-based Violence has also been launched. The 16-day marathon will see numerous activities and events, taking place all over the world, to attract attention and raise awareness amongst politicians and society with regards to key issues when it comes to the violence against women. 

The Gender-based violence remains topical, and although it is often spoken in hushed tones, it has major impact on well being of the society. In order to raise awareness on domestic violence and violence against women in Latvia amongst the professionals, working in the field and the society in general, centre Marta will launch a series of events dedicated to the key issues. 

One of the key events will be the annual conference on violence against women and violence within the family, which is organised by MARTA centre in cooperation with the Ministry of Welfare, and with the support of the Embassies of Finland, Sweden and Norway, as well the Office of the Northern Minister Council. The conference will gather various professionals from different fields, who work with cases of domestic violence on day to day basis. 

The conference will take place on 30th of November at the Ministry of Interior. The key discussions will focus on showcasing the best practices in other countries, solution seeking for better inter-institutional cooperation in order to provide efficient and strategic people-centred services, as well as current challenges when applying the existing legal protection.

On 29th of November, MARTA centre will organise a meeting and discussion with Norwegian judge Jan Atle Hansen regarding the practical application process of legal protection in cases of domestic violence at the Latvian Judicial Training Centre. MARTA has invited various judges, legal aids and other relevant professionals to attend the discussion. 

Furthermore, on 29th of November in Tukums Social centre and on 1st of December at Liepaja Social centre, MARTA will organise a seminar on the role of social service employee when dealing with domestic abuse cases. The seminar will be led by a Finnish social worker, Tuire Tikkanena at the crisis centre “Home for mothers and children” in Oulu, Finland.

Moreover, MARTA will also launch film screenings, followed by youth debates on human trafficking and violence amongst youth, with specific focus on social roles, that often put youth at risk to become either perpetrator or victim. The film screenings will take place on 28th November and 12th and 19th December at 18:00 o’clock at the Youth House in Liepaja (Kungu street 24).

Last, but not least Swedish educator and sociologist, Peter Soderstrem lecture on man’s role in violence against women and children will take place on 1st of December in Riga. 

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