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Conference “RESPECTABLE LIFE – CHOICES in NORDIC AND BALTIC COUNTRIES. Effective policies against sexual exploitatiton”


MARTA Centre in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden in Latvia, the Swedish Institute, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Government Offices of Sweden invite you to an international conference “RESPECTABLE LIFE – CHOICES in NORDIC AND BALTIC COUNTRIES. Effective policies against sexual exploitatiton that will take place on September 28, 2018, in Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Strelnieku street 4a.

The aim of this conference is to evaluate diverse international practices and to pinpoint the most effective legislation in order to diminish the spread of sexual exploitation, to protect its victims and to put accountability where it belongs – on the exploiters. Additionally, various best practices will be evaluated in rehabilitating both the victims of sexual exploitation and the sex buyers. Experts from Lithuania, Estonia, France, Norway, Iceland, Latvia and other countries will share the reasons their respective countries have chosen specific type of legislation regarding sexual exploitation, what its societal effects have been, what are the practicalities of its implementation, and if there is need to change the legislative framework in the future.

Working languages of the conference: Latvian, English and Russian, simultaneous translation will be provided. At the end of the conference, certificates will be handed out to the participants.

Registration for the conference is open until September 21 and available here-  When you register for the conference, please indicate your name, surname, institution and contact information.

Summary of the results of the working groups “World without Exploitation”