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Professional Education Competence Centre “Riga School of Design and Art” – Advertising Design Education Program students in the cooperation with Centre MARTA in the project “Creative Partnership Program” have created series of postcards, short movies, posters and comics


The project goal is to enable prospective advertising and graphic designers to research an acute social problem in the learning process. The goal of this cooperation was to raise awareness of gender equality, to reduce social role of gender stereotyping, and to develop the social responsibility of young designers to address current issues more effectively and to share information with their peers.

“First I read a lot of stories on the Interenet about real-life events that happened to children and their parents. For example, about a little boy who was not allowed to play with a doll he brought to the kindergarten from home. The teacher took it away from him and instead gave him a toy car, saying: “Boys do not play with dolls!” My work is partly based on this story, but I am depicting the teacher as the stereotypical “monster”, since this could be said by anyone, not just a kindergarten teacher. I did not know before that gender stereotypes are such a common problem.”

Amina Lučkova, Author of “Toys are Gender-Neutral”

The research of the problem and conclusions reached deepen young peoples understanding which, in its turn, helps them to better communicate with their peers. Young people are smart, they are not afraid to talk about fear, violence, sexual orientation. The project gave them the opportunity to do this within the framework of the school subjects and in several “languages” simultaneously – infographic, poster, illustration, video, digital solutions. 

Discussions made young people feel free to think that about different important issues of todays society. They find it hard to accept that so many women are suffering from violence every day.

 “I knew I wanted to create a comic whose main character is a boy my age. Adolescence is full of stress and uncontrollable emotions. I wanted to show how toxic is suppression of emotions and how it affects everyday life.”

Kristiāna Poce/ Author of comic “Stop Whimpering”


Years of experience in dealing with domestic violence make it possible to conclude that, in order to decrease violence in our society, among children and young people, in the family, and in any other context, it is not enough to simply eliminate the consequences of violence and to support the victims. It is also necessary to work proactively to explain to young people what violence is, what are its consequences, how to prevent it, as well as how not to become violent against others yourself. It is vital that these topics are touched upon in the stage of life when young people begin to understand themselves and their place in the world. Our team is pleased with the theme and results of this project. Firstly, the new generation of designers and other types of creative professionals will be more sensitive to these issues, and secondly, young people will be able to speak more freely to each other. 

- Ketrīna Piese “Zīmētie stereotipi”
- Aksels Paičs “Nav jēgas”
- Amina Lučkova “Rotaļlietām nav dzimuma”
- Antra Siliņa “Neesam vienādi”
- Elizabete Lazdiņa “Kā justos tu?”
- Enija Miezīte “Kurš būs drosmīgāks?”
- Grieta Siliņa “pasaule ir lielāka, nekā lasīsi”
- Jānis Pauls Rubens “Ielas galā”
- Kristiāna Kalniņa “Uzspēlējam?”
- Kamilla Ņikitjuka “Nav jāslēpj emocijas”
- Kristiāna Poce “Beidz piņņāt”
- Laura Strēle “Visi ir vienādi”
- Liliāna Lūsiņa “Bailes no sevis”
- Nansija Zande “Personības maska”
- Ramona Proškina “Saturs svarīgāks nekā vāks”
- Roberts Koreņiks “Neliec viņu kastē”