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Empowering women to fight against domestic violence through an integrated model of training, support and counselling / WOM-POWER

Project implementation phase in Latvia: January 2014—December 2014.

Project implementation area: Romania, Spain, Finland, Greece, Estonia, Sweden, Latvia.

Lead partner: Romanian Society for Lifelong Learning.

Project partners: SURT. Women`s foundation. Private foundation, Valencia City Council-Local Police (Spain), Oulu Mother and Child Home and Shelter Association (Finland), Technological Educational Institute of Crete (Greece), Women`s Shelter NPO (Estonia), Uppsala municipality, Health & Social Welfare Office (Sweden), Resource Centre for Women „Marta” (LATVIA).

Project funded by: the European Commission within the Daphne III Programme.

Project Aims: is to empower women to protect themselves against violence by organizing training, information and counselling sessions for women victims or possible victims of violence with the aim to create a protective environment for them within the family and in the community.

Project Activities:

  • research on the national programmes and legislations existing in the European partner countries with regard to domestic violence against women, as well as research on women’s experiences of violence in their environment, in order to have an updated picture of the European situation;
  • Develop an integrated model of: training, awareness raising and psychological and judicial counselling for women victims or possible victims of domestic violence by means of which to empower women to go out of the violent circle and get away from destructive relationships.
  • develop educational and informational materials for policy makers, professionals involved in adult education in the field of violence against women, women’s rights and existing support available for guidance and protection of women victims of violence;
  • organising awareness raising seminars with the direct involvement of the target group and stakeholders, national and international conferences for women, professionals, policy makers, public authorities and the large public in view of raising awareness on responsibility and means of action.

More information can be accessed on the project website at: