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In Marta Centre You can get professional assistance and support in crisis situations. A social worker, psychologists, psychotherapists, lawyers and other specialists provide a broad range of services. Sign up for a consultation by calling: 67378539 or writing to!

Atbalsti MARTU


MARTA carries out a wide-range of international activities, promoting international cooperation

MARTA is a member of the International Association for Women in Development.

MARTA is an active partner organization of the International Cooperation Network, campaigning for prevention of violence against women and elimination of honour killings. Due to the rapidly growing number of fictitious marriages, MARTA started collaboration with Iraqi women organizations to prevent Latvian women from being subjected to violence in the name of honour.

MARTA is devoted to establish a support system for the promotion of the integrity of Uzbekistani women and for strengthening of Uzbekistani families. MARTA’s experts provide know-how and a regular exchange of experience in Uzbekistan, appraising the progress and activities of the local women. Furthermore, MARTA’s experts give recommendations and participate in meetings with the management of the Female Committee of the Uzbekistani government, the responsible institutions and the leaders of municipalities, as well as the women living and working in severe conditions, thus establishing a support system and showing understanding of the situation, which the Uzbekistani women face.