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Atbalsti MARTU

MARTA asks the Parliament to support an amendment in the Latvian Criminal Law

MARTA has sent letters to Latvian Parliament members to ask them to support an amendment in the Latvian Criminal Law.

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Authority and influence are two interrelated concepts. Political processes are diverse, therefore it is important to know when and how these can be influenced. Decision makers are reluctant to hear demands out, which are expressed taking the needs of the society into consideration, yet they willingly listen to proof- and fact-based arguments that can help their work in politics.

Experts of centre MARTA supervise and affect the decision making processes, which helps to strengthen a prosperous civic society and prevent gender-based discrimination.

The welfare of the society is explicitly conditional on the opportunities provided for women — equal treatment, as well as equivalent rights, labour conditions, salary and the retirement pension.

Statistics show that women in Latvia earn less than men for the same work. Women take professions that pay lower salaries more often, they are employees, rather than employers, and do part-time work more frequent, which means that their social contributions and the retirement pension is smaller.

Approximately one third of the children in Latvia is raised and provided for by a woman. Women most often nurse the sick, people with disabilities and the elderly, doing unpaid or tax-free work at home.

The work of centre MARTA aims to reduce social exclusion, as well as to promote access to and reintegration into the labour market, balance one’s family and professional life, facilitate more flexible and more effective forms of work organisations and support services, reduce the national tension and rehabilitate and reintegrate victims of human trafficking.

By advocating the interests of the society within institutions of public administration, a favourable result is achievable if the opinion of the majority is represented and the activities of the organization are coordinated, providing justified and clear